Three things you can do today to bring in 30 new leads

Okay. So your plan for 2020 is to make more sales – am I right?

And that involves doing more marketing. 

Or launching a new marketing campaign that will take until March to ramp up and get going. 

Screw that!

That’s going to take too long. 

Let’s make some sales today!

Here’s three emails to send:

Ask “who do you know?”

Recently, I wrote about the Dark Art of Word of Mouth and how to be easier to refer.

(Spoiler Alert: It involves helping your clients and contacts to know who you’re looking for, giving them a trigger to listen for, and a specific action you want them to complete.)

But there’s an even more direct approach. 

Go to your old clients and just ask them for referrals. 

Send them this email:

I’ve been wanting to help some people who [have x problem].
Do you know anyone who [might have this problem] who you’d be willing to introduce me to?”

Ask “what are you doing?”

Don’t forget to check in on clients and prospects who might be looking to buy (or repeat-purchase).

I was thinking about you guys over the Christmas break, and was curious to connect and hear what you’re up to.
If you don’t mind me prying, what are you doing around your [problem you solve] in 2020?”

Ask “how can I help?”

We’ve looked at getting new prospects, and engaging existing prospects… But sometimes the reason people aren’t buying is simply because we aren’t selling the right thing. 

A brilliant question Dean Jackson shared with me is to simply ask:

“What would you definitely buy from me if I was smart enough to offer it to you?”

A less “salesy” version of this might be:

What would you definitely want my help with, if I was smart enough to offer it?”

Send this to people who haven’t bought from you – or existing prospects you want to work with, but haven’t quite been able to get across the line. 

Want to stop doing business development work, and just have someone fill your pipeline with leads? Let me know: brent {at} brent hodgson dot com