Same Thing Done Different

Lately, I’ve been typing a lot on Cassie’s grandfather’s Brother Deluxe 700T typewriter.

It’s my secret productivity weapon.

Much of my day involves writing promotional messages. 

By my estimates, I’ve written close to 2,000 promos and sent more than 23 million messages (email, SMS, etc). Frankly, the idea sitting in front of a computer screen and drafting another sales pitch has lost a bit of its thrill.

But a typewriter? Now you’re talking!

Unlike on a computer screen, where you can edit your thoughts, a typewriter commits thoughts permanently to paper the moment you press a key. And no editing means no second-guessing, no rewriting, no uncertainty around tone or angle or outcome. You need to be clear from the first character, and hold onto that clarity throughout.

Plus the clack-clack-clack-ting has a positive (almost pavlovian) effect, providing a tiny little instant reward for every key pressed and line completed.

And – like a dip in the fountain of youth – my writing has been refreshed with a new vigour.

The human brain craves novelty.

Rather than attempting to diligently resist this trait, and lean on willpower and discipline – I think it’s good to have mini work experiments, and try new methods and mediums. 

Likewise, I think it’s also valuable to try new methods and mediums in your promos too.

That promo email you’ve been sending for the past decade, which continues to perform well? I bet that if you sent it as a postcard it’d perform even better.

And that old postcard… What if it was handwritten?

And that handwritten letter… What if it turned into a short SMS?

You can say the same things, and do the same things, over and over again – and they’ll work over and over again.

But if you want to reinvigorate things quickly, you’ll often find a change of medium is all it takes.

Want to work with me?

Sorry… But I’m kinda booked out right now, helping experts to fill rooms and calendars full of qualified prospects to talk to.

(My next openings for this offering are for 1x new client in late March, and 1x in mid-to-late April.)