Rabbits Out of Hats

It was late one night at my first “real” job, and Dave (the accounting firm’s principal) and I were still in the office.

“What are you working on, Dave-o?”

“I’m pulling rabbits out of hats, Brent.”

One of our clients was a whisker from bankruptcy, and Dave was doing everything he legally could to keep that business afloat.

Over the following weeks there were meetings with creditors, changes to the operating costs, and eye-opening creative accounting.

But the business survived, later thrived, and was sold for a handsome sum a decade later.

What seemed like magical accounting mastery to an 18 year old Brent probably seemed obvious to an international accounting veteran like Dave. But he loved getting neck deep into it – and flexing his accounting muscles – and solving the problems that others couldn’t.

Today, I’m about as old as Dave was back then. And I love getting neck deep into marketing problems – flexing my marketing muscles – and solving the problems that others can’t.

And sometimes it feels like I’m pulling rabbits out of hats like a stage magician too – helping struggling clients to survive, and helping healthy clients to thrive.

But I’ll let you in on a secret…

There are a few places where the rabbits are consistently hiding:

  1. Most clients don’t know who their top buyers are.
  2. Most clients don’t know where those top buyers are coming from.
  3. Most clients don’t know how to attract more of those top buyers.
  4. Most clients don’t have a clear path for buyers to follow, in order to buy.
  5. Most clients don’t articulate a clear and compelling reason for buyers to follow that path.
  6. And – what most clients can do subconsciously for themselves – they struggle to scale up, so they struggle to move from “well-off practitioner” to “looking on at their empire as it expands itself”.

Solving any of these will leave you feeling like you’re pulling rabbits out of hats – because the outcomes you’ll get are magical.

Want to work with me?

Sorry… But I’m kinda booked out right now, helping experts to fill rooms and calendars full of qualified prospects to talk to.

(My next openings for this offering are for 1x new client in late March, and 1x in mid-to-late April.)