Mario Brothers Marketing

Racing through his digital world, Mario leaps over canyons, dodges killer koopas and climbs tall obstacles – with each level harder than the last.

It’s this challenge that makes Mario (sometimes frustrating) fun!

But what improves engagement for players in a video game damages engagement for customers in a marketing funnel.

Too often, the “players” in our marketing funnel game are faced with canyons too far to leap, situations impossible for them to beat, and obstacles too high to climb.

And – unlike Mario, whose 2D adventures involve crossing from the left of the screen to the right (a clear path to follow) – our “players” face dead ends in our marketing funnel, confusing path choices, and black spots where there are entire parts of the path missing.

For the most part, an extra auto-responder sequence or newsletter doesn’t solve this.

What’s needed instead is to make our Mario levels easier to conquer.

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