About Brent Hodgson

Brent Hodgson is a Marketing and Sales Technology Strategist from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve tripled revenues for arms of major established business brands; and grown start-ups by millions in months.

As a Marketing Strategist, I’m obsessed with improving revenue with technology.

I love to see sales happen faster, in greater volumes, and at greater values. And I see technology as providing the tools to build sales demand, and enhance sales capacities.

Historically, my clients have been:

  • B2B vendors in telecommunications, finance, and software;
  • Large franchises (including Nandos);
  • Educators and Registered Training Organisations;
  • Real estate, and property investment companies.

What I do is like building “sales mousetraps”: systems that act at the right time, in the right way, to catch more sales.

I make it possible to automate large pieces of marketing and sales – in a way that combines human sales reps, and automated sales processes, in ways that enhance each-others effectiveness.

(Humans build rapport – systems build capacity and scale.)

The three activities I work with clients on most are:

  1. Freeing their sales reps from non-core sales activities – so they can spend more time on core sales activities;
  2. Improving the effectiveness of marketing, to help get sales across the line faster and easier;
  3. Ensuring ERP/CRM data to develop valuable and actionable sales targeting info (e.g. hot-listing of leads, repeat sales, etc);

With sales reps better able to focus on high-value core sales activities; leads being “warmer” when they speak to a salesperson; important tasks running on autopilot; and hot-listed leads getting flagged (just to name a few) – sales inevitably increase, and your competitive advantages are enhanced.

And – if you’re running an existing ERP or CRM system – the value of building on this existing strong foundation is greatest of all.

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