Your Second-Biggest Competitor

If your biggest competitor is distraction – stealing away your best leads and customers – then your second biggest competitor must be inertia.

In addition to being biologically hard-wired for distraction, we’re also biologically hard-wired for inertia.

We’re highly motivated to do things that will save energy, and avoid energy-sucking risks.

(So if you’ve ever been accused of being lazy – tell your accuser: “I’m not lazy. I’m just efficient!”)

When it comes to sales, this is why our natural bias is towards saying “no”.

If there’s fear, uncertainty or doubt – it’s safer to say “no”.

Or better yet – it’s even safer and easier to do nothing!

To delay, defer, not act, and think about things later. (This course of action is FAR more energy efficient than simply saying no, because it comes with the potential for even fewer uncomfortable consequences!)