Working Easy (Or Loved To Death)

Have you ever heard someone look at a baby, or a puppy, or a kitten – and say something like…

“He’s so gorgeous! I just want to SQUEEZE him!”

It’s not uncommon.

It’s called ‘cute aggression’ – and it’s a weird way we’re wired as human beings.

It’s weird because if we do like something, we should want to treat it gently and care for it. Not squeeze it to death!

It turns out we don’t just do this with cute things – we also do it with other things we love:

  • Our own ideas
  • Our goals
  • Our opportunities
  • Our leads and sales

We fall in love with these because they’re important to us.

And – because they’re important, we don’t just WANT them to WORK – we NEED them to WORK WELL.

So we work HARD on them – and then working BECOMES hard.

And – too often we unwittingly create so much pressure that we crush the things that are most important to us to death.

This seems to be a key pattern for marketers whose goals always seem elusive.

On the other hand, whenever I see highly successful marketers, they always have a lightness about their work. It’s almost effortless. Playful.

They’re not working HARD.

They’re working EASY.

And perhaps it’s BECAUSE they’re working easy that things work well for them. That – if success is a marathon, not a sprint – that they give themselves stamina for the long haul, and lighten their own load.

So – instead of asking you about your hard work – tell me about your EASY work.

What are you working easy on?