Why Your Good Marketing Isn’t Good Enough

Tony Robbins has a program where he asks his audience a simple question.

“If you do a poor job, what type of rewards do you get?”

The crowd shouts their answer. “Poor rewards!”

“No!” Tony flashes a larger-than-life smile, his voice simultaneously booming and raspy. “You get NO rewards.”

As the presentation unfolds, Tony shares more:

A poor job – will get no rewards;
A good job – will get a poor rewards;
A great job – will get a good rewards;
But an outstanding job… will get ALL the rewards!…

…And it only takes a little more effort to do an outstanding job.

Nowhere is this more true than in sales and marketing.

Sales is a winner-takes-all battleground.

Typically, a customer will speak with several vendors – but will only make one purchase. And they’ll buy from the vendor that stands out ahead of the competition.

Literally – the outstanding competitor.

This is especially true when selling goods and services where the thing sold is very similar to competitors’ offerings. (If there’s little difference between Product X and Product Y, it’s the customer’s experience through the sales or marketing process that will stand out.)

Plus: if you have marketing and sales that performs outstandingly – you can pretty quickly dominate your marketplace.

(After all, if you’re better than your competitors at turning leads into sales, you’ll be able to outbid your competitors for the best advertising spots to attract more leads – and vacuum up market share.)

The silly thing is – as Tony Robbins says in his presentation – it doesn’t take much to achieve outstanding performance.

Even though sales is a winner-takes-all battleground, most of your competitors are fighting with Nerf guns and plastic swords.