Why Your Branding Could Be Costing You Sales

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Branding experts will tell you the value of imprinting yourself into the minds of customers.

The theory is that increased recognition means increased sales…

…But is this necessarily true?

The benefit of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is that we can test and measure the effect of well-meaning advice – and prove whether it stands up to scrutiny in the real world.

The Branding That Damaged This Ecommerce Store’s Brand…

In a recent test for a large ecommerce website, we noticed that the company’s logo was displayed prominently in two places on the website.

From experience, the principle of “less is more” stands true, when you’re optimising a website through CRO.

So it seemed logical to test removing one of the two logos from product information pages on this ecommerce website.

The Blank Area That Resulted In A 16.07% Increase in Sales

Simply removing one of the two logos displayed on the client’s website resulted in a 16.07% increase in sales (95% confidence interval) through this ecommerce store.

The logo was not replaced by any additional information.

Rather, the product name simply shifted to fill the space where the logo once sat – creating more white-space in other areas of the page.

While it seems like it’s too-good-to-be-true – the truth is the more information you add to a webpage, the more cluttered it gets, and the more “mental overhead” is required for potential customers to process all of the information on the page.

So, often, the most effective tests don’t involve adding information to the page.

Rather, they involve taking information away from the page.

WARNING: Please DO NOT rely on my client’s results to try and improve your own business’s ecommerce sales performance without testing!

What worked well for this client might not work well for you – with your unique customers, in your unique market, with your unique offering. The best and most valuable frame for your offering could be something completely different.

If you’d like to work with me, and uncover the specific tweaks you can make to increase the number of Leads and Sales you generate online without spending more on ads or traffic – let me know here.

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