The “Make Money” Button

Imagine you had a button… And every time the button was pressed, you made $1.

How often would you press the button?

I’m sure that if you had a button like this, you’d exploit the crap out of it!

You’d push it hundreds of times before breakfast! Thousands of times by lunch!!

Pretty soon you’d make sure that the button was pressed as many times as humanly possible – day and night – probably hiring the fastest button-pushers on the planet to push that button for you.

It sounds magical, right?

This is the nature of having a marketing campaign that works: a set of repeatable actions that you can take to consistently and reliably deliver a profit outcome.

But most of us end up creating artificial constraints around the button.

We don’t realise we can push the button as often as we choose – or we create silly rules that prevent us from pressing it more often than we might.

One client of mine had a “make money button” that was a pain to press. It involved sending personal messages to connections on LinkedIn, inviting them to an event. It was time-consuming – and he’d only press it 100 times a month. We found a way to press this button 10x as often, and increased sales by 10x as a result.

Another client’s “make money button” involved sending a monthly newsletter. Each press brought in $30-60,000. The simple solution was to send more frequent newsletters, and press that “make money button” every fortnight instead of every month.

Then there’s having the button press itself on autopilot. If you’ve got an offer that makes $100 in profit, perhaps you’d be willing to spend $30-70 each “press” by running ads (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or even non-digital ads) to your offer.

There are plenty of ways to push that “make money button” more – if you have one.

Do you have this kind of “Make Money” button in your business right now?
A single set of repeatable actions that you can take to consistently and reliably deliver sales?

If not, maybe it’s worth finding one.