The Common Mistake that Destroys Marketing Performance

I’ve been meaning to…

I know I need to…

I know I should…

…But I just haven’t got around to it.

Often, the place where I begin working with clients isn’t around some revolutionary marketing strategy.

(Yeah, I’d love to be giving your sales team more capacity through some really freaking cool automation systems and AI. I really want to help you how to turn marketing campaigns into valuable, permanent marketing assets. And I definitely want to put some cool stuff into your systems that will substantially increase the number of leads and sales you generate on autopilot.)

Most of the time, the place where things begin is where good intentions lost their way.

The $100,000 Phone Call

Last week I spoke with a client about conversion optimisation on their site – improving their website to make it sell far better.

They’re already doing millions in online revenue.

And they’ve been meaning to improve their site for years.

(After all, they realise a single 10% improvement to their site could mean $100,000’s in revenue over the next year.)

But they just hadn’t got around to it.

Time just got in the way – until they enlisted my help to make it happen.

I’m guilty of it too.

Recently, I sent the first edition of a newsletter I’ve been meaning to put together for 6 months – until I enlisted the help of my wonderful PA, Christine, to make it happen.

Time is the enemy of good intentions.

It robs us of our purpose, performance, outcomes.

With that in mind:

  1. What improvements have you been meaning to make to your marketing?
  2. Who can you enlist to help you to make them happen now?