Robust or Risky: Marketing During Corona Virus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a human tragedy that is having real-world (and global) consequences in all facets of everyday life – including marketing – and it seems increasingly likely it’s a matter of WHEN, not a matter of IF potential effects will occur.

Right now, a lot of my clients are asking questions – and being better prepared for any potential scenario that might occur:

  • How might an outbreak affect my customers? My prospects? My market?
  • How might it affect my sales strategy? My lead flow? My ability to reach and engage prospects?
  • How might it affect my staff? My supply chain? My systems and processes? My ability to deliver a quality outcome? Me?
  • How might it affect my marketing performance? My sales? My revenue? My cashflow? My survivability?
  • How can I capitalise on the opportunities this creates in my market, and turn a bad situation good?
  • How might I “bounce back” from the worst of it, if it’s bad?
  • And how can I be generous during this to those people (staff, customers, prospects, and wider society) who might be in need? (Because, as important as marketing is, it’s a means – not an end.)

Want to work with me?

Sorry, there’s a little bit of a waiting list on most of my stuff. So I currently only have capacity in my calendar for:

  • Marketing Strategy Half-Day Intensive (x2 in March) – Get deeper insight on how to attract more clients more easily, and make sales far simpler in this half-day facilitated on-site
  • Robust Marketing Check-Up (x1 in Early-to-Mid March) – Identify risky Corona Virus issues in your marketing, and develop strategies to mitigate these risks
  • “Just fill my sales pipeline for me so I never have to worry about it again please, Brent” – Next slot opening, April 2020