Motivations That Matter

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Not all motivations are the same.

In fact – as we saw earlier in this book – often we’ll have several competing motivations duking it out for motivational superiority in our brains.

(We might want the Ferrari, and the status advancement it represents – but fear the consequences of being judged as financially irresponsible by our partner, a “wanker” by our peers, and fear the long-term strain it might put on our bank balance.)

Some motivations are more powerful than others.

So we can work out the most powerful motivations of our customers, we can ensure our marketing speaks most clearly and relevantly to those motivations.

So, among all the motivations of your customers – which motivations do they value most highly?

  • Will they be more motivated by simplicity? Or do they need more detail and complexity to trust you enough to buy?
  • Do they prefer lower prices? Or are they more likely to buy when you increase prices slightly and offer free shipping?

If we want to find the best way to motivate our customers to buy, we can’t rely on our own Ideal Customer Profile alone.

And we can’t rely on surveyed or self-reported responses from customers either.

Both of these are valuable as starting points, but (as researchers have consistently proven – and your own research will soon reveal) they can be horribly unreliable!

What people SAY motivates them is often very different to what ACTUALLY motivates them.

This is why we need to take a data-driven approach to testing and measuring motivations.

In 2017, my typical client achieved a 115.35% increase in sales over a 2.5 month period – and most of this was achieved through simply testing and measuring different motivations.

(This was particularly successful among business owners running eCommerce stores.)

Recently, I was asked to speak to a group of eCommerce business owners – and present 6 case studies of tiny tweaks I made to client websites that instantly led to 10%+ increases in sales.

If you’d like a copy of my slide deck from this presentation, let me know here so I can email it to you.

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