Location, Location, Location: Why This Test Resulted in 20.05% More Leads

If someone is interested in the offer on your website, they’ll go out of their way to click on it – right?

Well… The truth is the position of your offer on a webpage can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your offer.

The general rules we apply to positioning are that a call-to-action (i.e. button that should be clicked if someone wants to buy) should be visible on the page when it first loads, and should ideally be visible (or repeated) as the user scrolls down the page.

These are the principles we used in the test below.

20.05% More Leads From One Extra Button

Adding a single extra button to this large education provider’s website led to a 20.05% increase in sales leads (with a 95% confidence interval).

This extra button appeared in a location known as the first fold of the website’s homepage. The first fold is the first view of a web page that a user receives when the page loads.

Although the “Free Trial” signup button was scattered regularly though the page below, the button that appeared at the top of the page was measured to make the most significant impact on sales.

A further button – immediately below the first fold – was also tested. That second button only resulted in an additional 4.53% more sales (with a 90% confidence interval).

This demonstrates the huge value of the first fold of your website – and why it truly is the most valuable real estate on your site.

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– Brent