Knew Better, But Didn’t Do Better

I heard something beautiful recently:

“I knew better, but didn’t do better”

I can relate.

Perhaps you can too.

We all slip and fall below our own standards sometimes.

For me (very recently) I KNEW I need to balance my ambitions and drive against my health.

But I didn’t…

…And I paid the price.

A small head-cold put me behind in work. I began to feel overwhelmed. Anxiety flared. My performance dropped. And I had a period of humiliating unproductivity I had to slowly nurse my way up from.

Life sucked for a while, but in hindsight it was a blessing.

It gave me perspective, and time to reflect.

I reflected on what I was doing right (and wrong), and on the ingredients of high performance marketing – and completed the thinking around a Marketing Personality Profile tool that has been gestating for a while.

High Performance Is About More Than Strategy

When working with clients in a marketing capacity – often they know what they need to do, but they can’t manage to do it the way they want.

They have big “to-do lists” of marketing ambitions, and outcomes we want to achieve.

But there aren’t enough hours in the day;
The risk-level – or the fear we’ll do it wrong – is too high and we become paralysed into inaction;
Or we take on too much and find ourselves working ourselves to exhaustion;
Or we don’t have the right people, or systems, or skills just yet – so we’re incapable of acting.

Too often, the reason we fail to achieve high-performing marketing results is nothing to do with having an effective marketing strategy.

We know what to do, in order to achieve our goals.

The problem is actually doing it.

High performing marketing is about more than just strategy.

It’s about our mindset and habits too.

We might know what we want to achieve – and know our strategy for achieving it. But our performance leans on those invisible forces in our heads, in our routines, and in the cultures that we create.

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