Growth is Flow

There’s a battle that many business owners fight with their marketing and sales – on an ongoing basis.
But it doesn’t need to be a battle.
It’s the battle of Feast and Famine.
A new client (Sales and Marketing Manager for a manufactured goods company) shared how his marketing and sales had been performing. There were lead generation campaigns stopping and starting, salespeople swamped with leads and then salespeople scratching for leads.
Just hearing this, it was clear how tiring it all was.
Sales were coming in.
But the inconsistency was killing him!
Henry Ford was onto a winning strategy with his production line model – but this type of thinking hasn’t followed through to sales and marketing.
Too often I see salespeople dividing their time between pre-sales, and post-sales support roles.
Or business owners dividing their time between selling, and delivery.
Sporadic marketing campaigns, rather than consistent marketing performance.
When the pressure isn’t on prospecting – the leads dry up.
When the pressure isn’t on sales – the new clients dry up.
When the pressure isn’t on delivery – clients get angry.
And because there is no confidence in future sales performance, how can you have enough confidence to make big investments into your business? (Sales might dry up tomorrow – leaving you under pressure – and causing your big investments to crumble.)
It’s a constant cycle of feast and famine – rather than flow.
Small, consistent, repeatable, and effective actions typically outperform feast-and-famine.
The beauty of marketing automation is that it can provide consistency