Everything You Need To Know About Expo and Trade Show Lead Generation

Every year, 4 million companies set up and pack down trade booths – renting 124 million square metres of net exhibition space.

That’s the equivalent of two Manhattan islands!

In total, $55 billion US dollars is spent on trade shows each year – including around 40.7% of all B2B sales focussed marketing budgets.

For many organisations, trade shows represent the best opportunity to get in front of new prospective clients. 

In fact, many of the top performing exhibitors report a 5x return on investment from their booths!

Sadly, most exhibitors never experience these kinds of returns from their trade show strategies. 

They show up, and run GOOD booths – but don’t always get the great results they hope for.

And when things don’t go to plan – they often blame trade show and expo organisers for not attracting the right people on the day.

So how do you take back control – and get predictable, high-performing results from trade shows?

And what does it take to capture a heap of highly profitable B2B leads at a trade show, expo, or event?

Well – the good news it doesn’t take more environmentally-destructive branded “swag”, more glitzy gimmicks, or more straight-to-the-spam-folder follow-up emails. 

It just takes a little bit of thinking “Beyond The Booth”.

In my latest book “Beyond The Booth” (available later this week from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, Dymocks and more), I look at how to achieve outstanding, predictable and repeatable marketing outcomes from trade shows.

And I would love to share my book with you, your friends, your colleagues, and your loved ones.

If you know someone who is exhibiting at trade shows…

If you know someone who is handing out business cards at expos…

Or if you know someone who wants to attract more B2B leads…

I’d love you to introduce me, so I can share a (complimentary) review copy of my book with them.