Do Your Customers Weep?

American poet, Maya Angelou, once wrote:

“At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did. They will remember how you made them feel.” 

This is a key principle from my book “Unassailable: The Tiny Tweaks That Make A Massive Difference To Your Marketing” – which launched to friends and family recently.

Here’s a quick summary of why Maya Angelou’s advice rings true for marketers…

When people commit to buying from us, they don’t just buy once.

They actually buy three times:

  1. First, they buy on EMOTION – and how the purchase makes them feel.
  2. Second, they buy on EGO – and how the purchase affects their social standing.
  3. And finally, they buy on LOGIC – the facts and figures and details behind the deal.

When Seth Godin speaks about “1,000 true fans” in his book Tribes, he’s talking about 1,000 people who have a deep and intense emotional connection with you – irrespective of what you sell.

Sadly, the way most people run their marketing is upside-down.

They sell on logic (and talk about the facts and details that make their product of service “the best”), try to address the ego objections (and struggle with issues like “I need to talk to my wife”), and hope that they’ve been friendly enough to build an emotional connection along the way…

Then they wonder why their marketing performance sucks, and their customers have no loyalty.

If you want to build emotional connections with customers – why not start asking unreasonable questions?

  • If you were to make your customers weep tears of joy – what would have caused those tears?
  • If your customers had to walk across hot coals to buy from you – what would make them take that first step?
  • If your product cost 10x more than your competitors – how would you deliver 10-100x the value to justify this price?
  • What is it about you that would make even non-buyers want to brag about you to their friends on social media?
  • If your customers were kidnapped – and you were the emergency contact in their phone – why did they choose you?
  • When you die at a ripe old age – and greeted at the gates of heaven by the people whose lives you impacted most deeply – why are your customers waiting for you? 

Without giving too much away – one “unreasonable question” I’m asking myself (after being inspired by productivity author Dermot Crowley) is “How can I make sure that people who touch my book immediately recognise it’s worth millions – not $29.95?”.

Demonstrating this value has all been about finding ways to deepen the emotional connection with people who buy my book.

The more you can deepen your emotional connection, the easier every other part of marketing becomes.


P.S. – If you’d like to be one of the first to hold Unassailable: The Tiny Tweaks That Make A Massive Difference To Your Marketing in your hand – you can grab a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fishpond, Wordery, Booktopia, Angus and Robertson Online, or most other online bookstores for around $29.95 + postage.

Or you can grab a signed copy, plus a copy of the eBook version, shipped to you with love for $20 via my website here ($30 for international orders).

P.P.S. – If you’re wondering if my “million dollar book” thought experiment is working – I’ve received a couple of thank-you cards, social media shares, and lovely notes from buyers so far. But I’d love to share the book with you, and deepen the connection I have with you too.