Customers Can Find The Money, But Struggle To Find The Trust

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Recently I’ve noticed that money isn’t the obstacle for making sales.

It’s trust that’s the obstacle.

In my industry (online marketing), people can see the need to improve their marketing and sales results.

They can see the potential returns (e.g. the average 24,518% return on investment).

And – although for the majority of businesses, cash flow is tight as they spend the lion’s share of what they make – they can often find ways to redirect funds if they know it will lead to more money in the future.

But when I fail to make a sale, it’s typically because I haven’t established enough trust.

Almost everyone gets half a dozen approaches from “expert marketers” per month – and often the few they’ve accepted have hurt them, or failed to deliver results. How is this Brent Hodgson guy any different?

Relational Energy for Trust Building

Professor Kim Cameron from the University of Michigan is a pioneer in the field of Relational Energy.

Relational Energy is how much we energise, motivate, invigorate and excite the people around us – rather than draining the energy of those around us.

In his research, Professor Cameron has found that people with high levels of Relational Energy (as measured by the people around them) tend to be perceived as more trustworthy, grateful, humble, authentic, forgiving, and better at solving problems.

They also develop more connections, and more meaningful connections, with people around them.

In turn, the people around them are more motivated, perform better, more satisfied, more engaged, and have higher levels of wellbeing.

In fact, Relational Energy is far more effective at predicting and picking high achievers than other measures.

And it seems a key part of this is that people with high levels of Relational Energy inspire those around them towards positive action.

  • How do you support and encourage your tribe?
  • How do you build connections within your tribe?
  • How do you show humility, authenticity, forgiveness, and gratefulness?
  • What problems do you truly solve?
  • Is your energy infectious and positive? Or repulsive, negative, and draining?

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