Busy-Ness or Business: Doing Much More, With Far Less

The way most online marketing experts, consultants, and authors would have you increase sales is by doing more new things.

Pick up any book on marketing or sales – or speak to any expert – and you’ll hear a new strategy that you can add to your business to immediately increase sales.

  • Some new steps to increase your website rankings into SEO;
  • Some new strategy for advertising through Facebook;
  • Some new strategy for running your Google Adwords;
  • Some new system for updating and managing your advertising accounts;
  • Some new content that we should create;
  • Some new products we should release;
  • Some new social media outreach and engagement work we should be doing…

Usually, it’s good advice.


Often common-sense.

And yes, it probably could improve sales – in theory at least.

But chances are you don’t need new “good ideas” to add to your already-full-to-do-list.

(In fact, you’d probably be doing half the things they recommend – if you could find the time!)

If you’ve been guilty of chasing “the bright shiny new idea” in the past, don’t worry. I have too. We all have.

The reason why we keep buying into their “bright shiny ideas” because of the way we’re hard-wired as human beings.

As a species, we naturally look for patterns. And naturally, we like to imagine that there’s a reason why we’re not getting the results we want in our marketing or sales. And that reason must be because we’re missing a critical ingredient in the recipe for success.

So the solution to this must be to add that missing ingredient – right?

Well, it means we add half-measures of garlic, vanilla, chocolate and curry powder to our marketing soup – and wonder why our recipe for success takes so much of our time, and doesn’t give us the results we’re looking for.

You probably don’t need more “great ideas”.

You don’t have time to waste on trying yet another great strategy that doesn’t deliver great results. (Or, likewise, hiring another great marketing expert whose results fall flat.)

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and not getting the results you want… Then perhaps it’s time to do something different.

Perhaps it’s time to do LESS – but BETTER.

  • Perhaps it’s time to consider what marketing activities are taking a lot of time, money and effort – and not giving you great results… And stop doing those things, so that you can reinvest that potential elsewhere.
  • Perhaps it’s time to look at where your sales funnel is leaking – and plug the leaks that are costing you sales.
  • Perhaps it’s time to look at where you are getting great results already – and build on those results.
  • Perhaps it’s time to get away from growing your “busy-ness”, and get back to growing your business.