Brace for Impact: The Path and Health Implications of Pandemics

A few weeks ago, Alessandra Edwards and Dr Amy Silver invited me to contribute to their new book – “Brace for Impact“.

The book is all about managing ourselves (and the impacts on our mind, and body) in spite of the risks of COVID-19, so that we don’t just survive but we’re able to thrive. In essence, Brace for Impact is your guidebook for surviving and thriving in the face of pandemics.

Now, before we go on, I can hear those of you who know me saying: “Wait, Brent. You contributed to a book on health? You’re one of the least health-focussed people I know!”

And you’re right!

My contribution is about the data behind pandemics – how long the different phases last, what the traits of these phases are (looking at SARS, MERS, and Ebola as examples from recent health history), and what the path to a clean bill of health looks like. This allows people to make business and life decisions in advance from a place where they can be informed and prepared.

But Amy and Alessandra are world-leading experts on mental and physical wellbeing – and their book is a masterclass that is perfect for this moment in history, and something you should grab a copy of and devour whole if thriving in the face of coronavirus is important to you.

If you would like to read “Brace for Impact“, the book can be yours (downloaded for free, for a limited time) via:

Or if you’d like to join the book launch this Friday at 3pm Melbourne time (hosted by Peter Cook) and hear from Dr Amy Silver and Alessandra Edwards in person, you can register here.