1,000 True Fans: A Lake, Not An Ocean

A few years ago I was working with a client who was at the top of their industry…

…At least he USED to be.

He had amassed a big following – 10,000’s of fans – but over time, everyone had bought everything they needed from him.

Without an ongoing stream of fresh new leads coming in, his business was stagnating and drying up.

Suddenly, cashflow was looking dire.

It was a confronting reminder of the need for constantly bringing in fresh new “fans” – in good times and bad.

An audience is like a lake, not an endless ocean you can keep drawing on forever. 

Like a lake, if you don’t have a constant stream of fresh new fans flowing in, your lake will eventually stagnate or dry up.

The idea that acquiring 1,000 true fans today means you’re “set for life” is flawed. Over time, those fans will need to be refreshed and reinvigorated – with a flow of new fans replacing older, stagnating, drying-up fans.

As a rough rule of thumb, you’ll want to refresh about 20-30% of your fans every year.

(So if you have 10,000 email subscribers feeding your business right now, to maintain your current level of income, you’ll want to add around 170 new subscribers per month.)